About the artist

 Yumi Nagumo, Artist, Designer, Maker, Oregon Coast, Zen Tree

Coastal Karma Jewels designer, Yumi Nagumo, makes each piece by hand
armed with a jeweller's saw, torch, hand files, hammers, & other small tools.

Each piece is thoughtfully planned & carefully created.
A beautiful labour of love.

--- Vancouver, BC ---

 Saw Pierced Fawn, custom cabochon bezel, sterling silver

My creative journey in lapidary arts and working with silver began in 2015.
It all started with a curious spark.

Foundational lessons were taken with Kelly Allanson, further interest led to workshops with Robyn Cornelius, and mentorship from Ron Vauthrin, plus lots of time spent exploring/experimenting.

The curious spark of 'I wonder...' has kept growing into an ever-evolving self-motivated fire.

Member of the BC Lapidary Society & Creative Jeweller's Guild of BC.


 CKJ Measurements

My designs are heavily influenced by the natural wear and darkened tones of antique jewelry, elements of nature & wildlife, and dainty details of Eastern cultures. 

Travels to South Africa, Paris, Amsterdam, Oregon, Malaysia, Japan, Bocas del Toro, Nepal, as well as local roadtrips to Haida Gwaii, Kelowna, & local forests/mountains fuels my design inspiration.

 Partner-in-Crime starting his search for Thundereggs!


The feeling of excitement when you find a beautiful piece of treasure in nature pulls me out of my shell to go hunt for more. Also more fun with my partner-in-crime :)

 Completed amethyst and chrysoprase cabs

lapidary arts

Turning Mother Nature's treasures into polished pieces, ready to be set into jewelry using precious metals.

The philosophy behind the jewelry offered is that each piece is made by my two hands; from creating custom homes for natural stones, hand-piercing images using a jeweller's saw, forming each delicate petal on a flower, curving each feather to create movement, to making jump rings & bails that connect pieces together.

I do not send my designs overseas, my pieces are not mass produced, there's a personal connection & trust that each piece is thoughtfully made with love & care. 


The organic result of handmade pieces?
Each piece has its own characteristic charm, and is truly a one-of-a-kind piece.