About the Artist


Artist Bio

Yumi Nagumo's self-driven journey in working with precious metals, and lapidary arts began in 2015.  
She enjoys creating whimsical slow-made jewelry by hand.

Inspiration is drawn from Yumi's childhood home on the beautiful West Coast of BC. Elements of nature, including wildlife and botanicals, are prevalent in her work.

Yumi's love of travel abroad also brings in dainty details, hints of antique, and a touch of celestial magic. 

Each piece is thoughtfully planned & carefully crafted in a humble, peaceful crafting space in Vancouver, BC.



Artist Statement

Celebrating natural beauty.

My main muse is my home on the Unceded Coast Salish Territory, on the West Coast of BC. Inspiration from scenic day-long hikes, to beachcombing by the Pacific Ocean, I am drawn to incorporating elements of nature, such as wildlife and botanicals.

I also enjoy setting natural stones into my pieces, I feel that stones add a heightened element of natural beauty. Natural materials, like the use of stones and bone in jewelry, first caught my attention during travels to South Africa, and the spark to learn about lapidary arts was instilled in Bocas del Toro.

My designs are also influenced by the natural wear and darkened tones of antique jewelry, with hints of dainty detail, inspired by beautiful pieces I saw on travels to Nepal and France.


Statement of Technique

The philosophy behind the jewelry I enjoy making is that each piece is made by my two hands using silver sheet and wire.

From creating custom bezel or prong-set homes for natural stones, hand-piercing images using a jeweller's saw, forming each delicate petal on a flower, curving each feather to create movement, to making jump rings & bails that connect pieces together.

I am excited to learn more to be able to better express movement, depth, and dimension in my pieces.

Thank you to my teachers!

Without your guidance, I would still be trying to figure out how to use a jeweller's saw (properly).

Your confidence in me, helps me build confidence in myself ♡

Kelly Allanson
Ron Vauthrin
Robyn Cornelius

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