♥ how do i care for my jewelry?

Please take care of jewelry when worn to avoid potential snags on delicate clothing.

With all jewelry, take care when wearing pieces with stones, especially rings.
The nature of stones is if they are struck or hit on a certain angle, the stone may crack, fracture, or even shatter (all depends on the individual stone structure).

Consider removing jewelry before starting activities that require the use of chemicals or detergents (gardening, washing dishes, laundry...) These activities may wear out the polish more quickly, or other unhappy results.

Jewelry should be the last thing put on (after perfume!), & the first thing taken off.


♥ why does silver turn black over time?

Silver + Air = not friends.
The moisture in the air causes silver to tarnish - or turn black, over time.
This is a natural reaction, but we can take steps to slowing down the process, as well as re-polishing pieces.

Keep your silver jewelry in separate cloth bags - so it doesn't scratch against other pieces.
Plastic bags are also okay, but make sure pieces are dry so it doesn't trap in moisture.



♥ do you make custom pieces?

Sorry, at this time, I am not taking custom orders. 


♥ do you sell your handmade stones?

In the near future cabochons will be posted via my Etsy Shop



♥ where can i purchase ckj pieces?

Currently, online via Etsy.
Occasionally in-person at Artisan Shows around BC


♥ Do you offer wholesale?

At this time, I do not offer wholesale. I have decided to do this to uphold the integrity of my pieces as I make them entirely by my own two hands. Each piece is either One of a Kind, or One of a Few.

If you are a local/small boutique wishing to add my pieces to your carefully curated collection, I would be happy to chat about pricing :)


 ♥ Shipping & Returns

Please visit my Etsy Shop for detailed info. on Shipping Times, Shipping Costs, & Return Policies