Do you use dies or stamps?

A great question I often get asked - particularly of the little wildlife stud earrings.

I do not use dies or stamps to “stamp out” any of the wildlife critters for earrings or pendants, I saw each one out by hand using a jeweller’s saw. Yes! - even the teeny tiny bunnies :) I use templates to saw out each silhouette.

Occasionally, I may use a metal stamp to impress an image onto the surface of metal, such as tiny stars, or markings (ie. .925, 14k, sterling…).

Any surface that appears to be raised, the layer has been cut out by hand and then sweat soldered.


Sensitive skin

Please always triple check and ask questions if you have sensitive skin. You know your skin best.

To my knowledge through double checking with suppliers, the sterling silver used for Coastal Karma Jewels pieces is Nickel-free.

The large swivel lobster clasp finding is rhodium-plated sterling silver, this is noted for each listing as it appears.

Materials used in Coastal Karma Jewels pieces will be noted per piece, and may include:
999 Fine Silver
925 Sterling Silver
24k Yellow Gold
22k Yellow Gold
14k Yellow Gold
14k Gold-filled
Red Brass


What is 14k Gold Filled?

Gold-filled metal has a *substantial layer of gold on top of a base metal, usually brass or copper.
(*compared to: Gold-plated metal contains a very thin layer of gold, that disappears quickly with wear)

Pieces made with 14k Gold Filled allows for the warm gold tones without the price tag of solid gold.

Rio Grande has a wonderful post about this subject, take a read through!


Are you taking custom orders?

Sorry, customs are closed.


Do you offer wholesale?

I make the parts and pieces of jewellery with my own two hands using a jewellers saw to pierce each teeny tiny part, file and sand down each part by hand, solder, & polish each piece using a small hand-held rotary tool.

Each piece is either One of a Kind, or One of a Few, taking considerable time and energy to make.

I choose to make my pieces slowly through enjoyment, and for each piece to embody its own unique characteristics.

If you wish to add my pieces to your carefully curated collection, I would be happy to chat about pricing!



If for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, please contact me and we will work together to find a solution

- get in touch within 7 business days of receiving your parcel
- if item arrives damaged, please send photos of the damaged piece
- ship the item with tracking within 14 business days of getting in touch about your refund
- a refund for the piece purchased will be issued upon receiving the parcel in its original condition and original packaging, shipped with tracking
- buyer is responsible for return shipping with tracking
- refund does not include initial shipping cost

Final Sale/No Refunds or Exchanges on:
- Custom or Personalized Orders
- Sale Items
- Earrings (due to hygienic reasons)



Shipping with Canada Post from Vancouver, BC, Canada
While I do my best in building a safe package for your purchase, I have zero control over what happens during the parcel’s journey, and would recommend selecting shipping with tracking + insurance for peace of mind.

North America: parcels include tracking + up to $100 CAD insurance, for peace of mind.

International Shipping: available to a few countries - Standard Shipping does not include tracking or insurance. Option to Upgrade Shipping for peace of mind.

Customs + other fees: parcels exiting Canada, please be aware that additional duty may be applied upon arrival. I have no control over border/duty fees, State taxes, international postal service fees, any other international fees.

>>> Parcels are thoughtfully put together for a safe journey to ensure no crushed parts caused in transit which are beyond my control.

Your parcel may look like: durable cardboard shipping box, paper filler, kraft tissue, kraft box with cotton filling for jewellery piece, + note cards on care and information. (I decided to ship this way after sending a ‘test’ to myself, a small kraft box in a bubble wrap envelope - arriving slightly crushed.)


Environmental impact

Recycled Sterling Silver, Fine Silver, Gold

Nickel-Free (for severe skin allergies, please always check!)

Vegetable-based polishing compounds

Soaps used to clean pieces: Dr Bronners castile, natural handmade soap (by me!), or Dawn with essential oils

Packaging materials may include: kraft box, cardboard box, 100% post consumer recycled cards, cotton cord, cotton drawstring bag, kraft tissue paper, paper filler, natural wood excelsior, kraft paper, jute string, non-toxic ink

Moving forward: packing tape for shipped parcels will be replaced with masking tape
*after current materials run out


Why does silver tarnish over time?

Silver/Copper/Brass/Bronze + Moisture = not friends.

The moisture in the air causes certain metals to tarnish over time. This is a natural reaction, but we can take steps to slow down the process, as well as remove tarnish.

How to Care for Jewellery
Avoid keeping jewelry in humid rooms, such as the bathroom.
Be mindful, take jewelry off before applying moisturizers, hair products, perfumes, etc.

Keep your silver jewellery in separate bags - so it doesn't scratch against other pieces.
(ie. re-purposed resealable plastic baggies or cloth bags, be sure pieces are dry to prevent trapping moisture)


Do you sell your handmade stones?

Currently, I do not.

If you are looking for handmade cabochons from local BC Lapidary artists, I would be happy to get you in touch with friends who do beautiful work with all types of stone.

From local BC stones such as jade, agate variety, jasper, to Royston Ribbon turquoise!

Get in touch with your request.
Serious inquiries only please.


Other Notes

Prices listed in Canadian Dollars.
Prices subject to change without notice.

Unanswered questions, please feel free to contact me