♥ how do i care for my jewelry?

"Last thing on, first thing off..."

Jewelry should be the last thing on (even after perfume/cologne!), & the first thing off to protect your jewelry & clothing.

Jewelry set with stones, especially rings should be worn with care.
It is the nature of stones to fracture, crack, or shatter when struck or hit at certain angles. The chances of the stone reacting negatively depends on the specific stone/hardness, how the stone was cut, as well as if there are pre-existing inner fractures.

Remove jewelry before starting activities that require the use of chemicals or detergents (gardening, washing dishes, laundry...), or engaging in activities involving perspiration. These activities may wear out the polish of precious metals & stones more quickly, or may even cause other unhappy results.

Store jewelry in separate bags away from moisture & open air.
Definitely store jewelry containing stones in individual bags (eg. do not store jade with opal! Opal is a soft stone, Jade is a hard stone)
To slow down silver from tarnishing, anti-tarnish tabs can be purchased, or if you have the little anti-moisture gel packs found in dry goods, these can do the job too. It does not prevent silver from tarnishing, it slows down the process.

To re-polish your precious metals, polishing clothes impregnated with rouge compound can be used. Make sure to wash your hands well with soap after using the cloth! Do not wash the cloth after use, there will be black residue from removing the tarnish, the cloth can be re-used over and over until it falls apart :)

Be mindful to avoid potential snags on delicate clothing such as lace.


♥ why does silver darken over time?

Silver + Moisture + Air = not friends.

The moisture in the air causes silver to tarnish - or darken, over time.
This is a natural reaction, but we can take steps to slowing down the process, as well as re-brightening pieces.

Avoid keeping jewelry in humid rooms, such as the bathroom.

Keep your silver jewelry in separate bags so it doesn't scratch against other pieces.
Plastic bags are a good choice, but make sure pieces are dry so it doesn't trap in moisture.


♥ What is 14K Gold Filled?

Solid gold is $$$$$$$$$
(I aspire to offer jewelry made with solid gold soon!)

Gold-filled precious metal has a thick layer of solid gold on top of a base metal, usually brass.
Gold-plated metal contains a very thin layer of gold, that disappears with wear.

Rio Grande has a wonderful post about this subject, take a read through!


♥ do you make custom pieces?

Sorry, at this time, I am not taking custom orders.


♥ do you sell your handmade stones?

Currently, I do not.

If you are looking for handmade cabochons from local BC Lapidary artists, I would be happy to get you in touch with friends who do beautiful work with all types of stones! From local BC stones such as jade, agate variety, jasper, to Royston Ribbon turquoise!

Get in touch with your request.
Serious inquiries only please.


♥ where can i purchase ckj pieces?

Currently, online via Etsy.
Occasionally, in-person at Artisan Shows around BC.

Check out where I'll be next: Upcoming Events!


♥ Do you offer wholesale?

At this time, I do not offer wholesale.

I make each part and piece of jewelry by my own two hands using a jewellers saw to pierce each teeny tiny part, file and sand down each part by hand, solder, & polish each piece using a small hand-held rotary tool.

Each piece is either One of a Kind, or One of a Few :)

If you are a local/small boutique wishing to add my pieces to your carefully curated collection, I would be happy to chat about pricing!


 ♥ Do you offer Bulk discount?

Sorry, I do not.

As each piece is made from sheet and wire by my two hands only, it takes time, energy, & focus to make.

I do not have a machine to cut out tiny pieces for me, nor do I order pre-made pieces from overseas.
Each bezel cup is custom built for each stone by me, each earring post is soldered onto shapes I saw out, file, & sand by hand.

Please understand that it takes time to create each piece.

Thank you for wanting to purchase multiple items :)


 ♥ Shipping & Returns

Packages will be shipped from Vancouver, BC
Items will be placed in a small kraft box, the kraft box is snuggled into a shipping box for extra protection.
An anti-tarnish tab will be included in the kraft box, as well as a special surprise :)

Buyer pays for shipping to their address, & is responsible for any duties/taxes.

Please visit my Etsy Shop for detailed info. on Shipping Times, Shipping Costs, & Return Policies