Introspection: from 2015 - 2018

This year marked a significant step onto the path of self-propelled passion.

For the past 2.5/3 years, I’ve been learning (and am continuously learning!) the fine art of working with precious metals.

I dived in by signing up for an 8-week Beginners Silversmithing course, I had no prior knowledge or experience on working with metals, tools, chemical reactions involved, and don’t get me started on my first time using a torch (“…you can turn up the flame…”). The first 2 lessons I attended were packed full of info! Knowing myself and how I learn best, I didn’t have a place to practice, and with only one day a week to try things out - I became overwhelmed and started to flounder, I felt like a failure, I stopped going.

But I did not give up!

I knew what I needed to do - I saved up and purchased the bare bones basics to be able to practice, all the while still finding and signing up for 1 or 2 day workshops with specific project goals. I found this path was very helpful (and fun!)

There’s still a ways for me to go with refining technique and skills, but I feel so happy with where I’m at today, compared to when I first started. I’m able to -more or less- create pieces that I dream up, I’ve given myself exercises to became better at saw piercing (well worth all the broken blades!), and I’ve pushed myself to exit my comfort zone and signed up for artisan market/shows (3 total this year!)

It’s definitely a scary thing - to put yourself, and your creations, out there for everyone to see. I’m pretty critical of myself, so of course there will always be something about every piece that “could be better”.

I feel grateful when people take time to stop by my table, even for a couple seconds, to take a peek at my creations - time is the most valuable thing. Even more heartwarming when individuals reach out with sincere kind comments about my work - it really does warm my heart.

Each person progresses at their own pace, and I’m so happy to have taken the time I needed to feel happy about the pieces I have to offer :)

A quick glance at pieces from 2015 —> today:

Metalsmith Teachers/Mentors
Kelly Allanson
Robyn Cornelius
Ron Vauthrin (join the Creative Jeweller’s Guild!)