My First Artisan Show & Sale: Checklists

Prepping ahead.
Piano lessons for 20+ years has taught me well with preparing ahead of time.

If you're in a similar boat with getting ready for your first in-person show, Congratulations! :)
From my perspective, it's a bit of a big step - I personally had to work up courage to be able to submit an application form for review.

Friends, peers, and people I've met have all encouraged me to sell in-person, and it took me about a year to mentally prepare myself in terms of feeling comfortable with my work (...which is still in progress).

Preliminary Checklist

  • prepare a float/change
  • put aside your Square for credit cards (or signup)
  • pull out display pieces & assemble a mock-up
  • create an inventory list
  • prepare to pack snacks/drinks!
  • prepare packaging materials
  • pack business cards

Questions to Ask

  • is a table/chair provided?
  • what are the dimensions of the table?
  • do you need to provide your own table cover & skirting?
  • is table skirting mandatory?
  • how many days will I be selling? do I need more inventory? (it's better to have too many than to run out too early)
  • what is the set up time?
  • how are you getting to the venue? what is the parking situation like? (pay, no parking...)


That's just a general list that I've thought of to prepare myself for my first in-person sale.
If you're a seasoned market vendor, please comment below to add more tips!

The list will be updated as I continue brainstorming leading up to the show :)

Happy Vending!