BFF: Files & Sandpaper

I can be a pretty lazy, but there's a time & place for laziness, & preparing jewelry for the final polish is not one of time!

 Still a young grasshopper in terms of years handling this art craft, my mind is often so excited to see ideas come to life, eager to set stones, & step back to gaze at completed pieces in happiness... I often bypass the importance of filing & sanding properly before jumping into the next stage.

I just get too excited! 

The past month, I've had to pause creating at the bench to spend time organizing & putting on a double set of year-end recitals, organizing summer & autumn schedules, & working together with the kids to create 22 individual plans. 

This pause was necessary not only to focus on work, but also to give myself time to reevaluate my progress & rethink my art. 

Who is this for? 

Where do my pieces belong? 

Do I feel solid about my work? 

What can I improve? 

How can I grow? 

I submitted select pieces to an annonymous jury for constructive feedback. It's wonderful to hear the wonderful positive feedback, as it's definitely awesome to feeling like you're on the right path, but I also wanted to know what I could do to elevate my work to make it better.  

One of the suggestions was something I've been aware of in the back of my mind - spending more time with files & sandpaper to really make sure the surface is prepared well.

If you know me, I can't stand going backwards or backtracking, but i collected all my pieces and analyzed each one with my ever critical mind/eye. 

First round, filing & sanding. Spending some extra time to refine borders, edges, & surfaces on a few pieces. Becoming more familiar with the results from certain movements, pressure, & speed.

Just like how I become best friends with the jewellers saw, I'm becoming fast friends with all my files & sandpaper 🙂 

Even though the pieces I make are slow made by hand,  i definitely have to train my mind to actually slow down the process! Haha

Excited to bring the next set of ideas to life in the next couple months, this time though with extra refinement without having to backtrack💡☀️