Ring Size Calculations

How much material will be used to create a certain ring size?
Does the thickness of material matter?
Why can't I just 'eye ball' to make rings?

All these questions I posed to myself time and time again for the past couple of years ...

When I first started to learn how to make jewellery, I was semi-obsessed with making rings, but as soon as friends requested custom rings -which meant all sorts of different ring sizes- Math reared it's numerical head into the equation, I quickly changed gears and sped towards pendants (although, geometry has come into play in that department!)

After a few curious searches on finding calculations on making different ring sizes, I became overwhelmed - did I mention Math is not a good friend of mine? I did complete Math 12 in high school, but we parted ways after that.

Today, I finally decided to demystify this fear of Math + ring bands once and for all!

I stumbled upon this PDF by facetjewelry.com which I found to be incredibly helpful, wonderfully laid out, and easy to understand (Thank you, facetjewelry.com !!)

Tomorrow I plan to experiment a little with creating multiple sizes based on the formula given, to see if it works for me.

If you haven't given it a try yet, experiment and see if it works for you too! :)


Happy Jeweling!