March is Women’s History month, and the Craft Council of British Columbia has partnered with the National Museum of Women in the Arts. Their campaign, #5WomenArtists, recognizes female-identified artists internationally.

My heart is filled with joy, and I’m so excited to be a part of #5WomenArtists.

It’s empowering to reflect on all the people who have instilled confidence, encouragement, and creative light into my life since I was very young - most of them, female-identified artists.

Patricia Rolston: my piano teacher from age 3 - 18
Miranda Wong: piano teacher in University
Mrs. Ten-Pow: English Lit. teacher in High School
Kelly Allanson: silversmith teacher

There are also a handful of sincere women who I’ve had the fortune of meeting, some just in passing, a few who remain friends. These people are not only talented, skilled, and knowledgeable in what they do, but they also encourage others to pursue their dreams, take time to listen, give constructive feedback, get excited for others, and are just beautiful gems in this world.

I have the fun and exciting opportunity to takeover CCBC’s Instagram stories today :)
It will be a peek into my day, balancing work + art, projects I’m currently working on, and perhaps even a little look into my humble studio.

There is a blog post I’ve written, about how I (finally) got started, with intentions to encourage and empower others also thinking of taking a step towards their creative journey

CCBC Blog Post —> Empowering Creativity

Join me today (March 22 2019) @craftcouncilbc
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