a peek at the process

Coastal Karma Jewels maker/artist, Yumi Nagumo, creates each piece by hand
armed with a jeweller's saw, torch, hand files, hammers, & small hand-held tools.

Each piece is thoughtfully planned & lovingly created.
A slow labour of love.

The Process in a Nutshell

  1. Dream/visualize a design

2. saw out each piece, one at a time from metal sheet, using a jeweller’s saw

3. refine each piece by hand using various needle files & sandpaper

4. create a home for the piece(s), torch fired using silver &/or gold solder

5. clean, oxidize, & clean again

6. multiple rounds of polishing to achieve desired texture & shine + final scrub/rinse

7. stone setting

***pieces take anywhere from 2 hours to several days (or more) to complete

The organic result of handmade pieces?

Each piece has its own characteristic charm, & is truly a one-of-a-kind piece.
No two are exactly the same.


The feeling of excitement when you find a beautiful piece of treasure in nature pulls me out of my shell to go hunt for more. Also more fun with my partner-in-crime :)

lapidary arts

Turning Mother Nature's treasures into polished pieces, ready to be set into jewelry using precious metals.