Last thing on - First thing off

How do i care for my jewellery?

Jewellery should be the last thing on (even after perfume/cologne!), & the first thing off to protect your jewellery & clothing.

• jewellery set with stones, especially rings should be worn with care.
Natural stones may fracture, chip, or shatter when struck at certain angles. The chances of the stone reacting in this way depends on the specific stone and hardness of the stone, how the stone was cut, as well as if there are pre-existing inner fractures.

• remove jewellery before starting tasks requiring the use of chemicals or detergents (gardening, washing dishes, laundry...), or activities involving perspiration. These activities may accelerate the wear of natural stones, and metals will quickly tarnish.

• remove jewellery before applying moisturizers, perfumes, hair products, etc.

• store jewellery in separate bags away from moisture & open air, as well as jewellery containing stones in individual bags (eg. do not store jade with opal: Opal is a soft stone, Jade is a hard stone)

• restore shine to your precious metals using a polishing cloth. Make sure to wash hands well with soap after using the cloth! do not wash cloth after use, there will be black residue from removing tarnish (this is normal), the polishing cloth can be re-used over and over.

• oxidized surfaces will wear off over time to the patterns of its journey with its wearer. When storing, place in its own separate cloth bag to avoid accidental scratches against other pieces of jewellery.

DO NOT USE POLISHING CLOTH on purposefully oxidized surfaces! It will remove the darkened tone.