celebrating Mother Earth

My main muse is Mother Earth, particularly the area around the West Coast of BC on unceded Coast Salish land.

Inspiration comes from scenic hikes, beach-combing, and wildlife encounters, as well as the feeling of serenity, freedom, and spiritual recharge when ‘forest bathing’. I enjoy incorporating elements of nature, such as botanicals & wildlife, and try to evoke a little bit of magic in pieces I make.

Travel has been a big part of my life, and also influences what I enjoy making.

Natural materials, like the use of stone, bone and feathers, first captured my attention while wandering small street markets near Johannesburg, and Boquete. Bocas del Toro sparked my curiosity about lapidary arts.

Most of my pieces are oxidized to bring a sense of natural wear to echo darkened tones of antiquity with hints of dainty detail. Inspired by antique jewellery, captivating castles, and ancient temples seen during travels to Paris, Edinburgh, and Pokhara.

The natural beauty of BC has a special place in my heart, I love the natural texture of mountains, moss, leaves, sand, and the bark of ancient Western red cedar trees, and am currently experimenting with how to create more natural texture in pieces.

While I love exploring BC and the world, I’ve also been digging deep within, asking questions about my own heritage and self-researching the art of craft, meaning of symbols, use of metal, and the cultural history of both my Chinese and Japanese roots. I’m excited to intertwine elements of East x West in upcoming pieces!

Yumi x


Statement of Technique

The philosophy behind the jewellery I enjoy making is that each piece is created by my two hands starting from metal sheet and wire.

I enjoy bringing ideas to life by sawing out pieces by hand using a jewellers saw, torch firing metal to solder pieces together, and using a small hand-held rotary tool to polish each piece. I love saw piercing, building pieces, creating movement, and hand fabricating feathers and flowers.

My favourite materials include Sterling Silver, 14k Yellow Gold, 14k Gold Filled, & natural stones.



Artist Bio

Yumi Nagumo was born in Vancouver, BC - where she currently resides. When she is not making, road-tripping, or travelling, you can find her teaching piano. Yumi’s background is in classical piano studies and piano pedagogy. She has her ARCT in Piano Performance, BMus. and BEd. from UBC. Her musical background has helped to foster an artistic foundation including having a sharp eye for detail, enjoyment of creating using her hands, and a love for historical places and artifacts.

Yumi’s creative journey with metal arts began in 2015, taking a beginners course at Mountain Gems with Kelly Allanson. Learning at her own pace, with lots of practice to feel comfortable with soldering and becoming friends with the jeweller’s saw, she continued to take workshops with Kelly, as well as project-based workshops with Robyn Cornelius.

She also enjoys spending time cutting and polishing rocks and minerals (lapidary) with friends at a local rock and gem club. While currently her handmade cabochons are not yet offered for sale, keep an eye out for future collections that will feature these timeless treasures.



talent + skill = beautiful packaging

Hand Drawn Artwork: Sam @ Sinister Tattoos
Hand Carved Stamps: CassaStamps

teachers & mentors

Kelly Allanson
Robyn Cornelius
Ron Vauthrin
Verena Strigler

Member of: 

BC Lapidary Society
Craft Council of BC